Moleskine - Lunar New Year Display 2019

Eternal Camping

Eternal Camping is a film I was asked to make a full color conceptual storyboard for, in order to promote it on Indiegogo. It is a film about a scouting group and their camp counselor getting caught in the forest while civilzation is destroyed by zombies. This is a high tension scene focusing on the camp counselor, Austin, who has gradually been overwhelmed by the tragedy of realizing that he and these children may be the only ones left in society as far as he knows. He begins acting irrationally and assinging roles and rules to the children that do not make sense based on their skill sets or at all. When camper Odessa is forced to make dinner, which she has no experience with, Houston, another camper who cooks often at home, offers to secretly take over. Austin finds out and lashes out at Houston, threatening to kill him. He has a change of heart, but this is a turning point for the children, showing them that they cannot trust the adult in charge.